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It feels like everyone’s telling us there’s an exciting opportunity for us to build our own business online.

But why don’t they talk about the barriers?

It takes time to get set up and find our unique path. We make mistakes. We develop. We pivot. We adapt.

And sure, each time our journey jinks in a different direction, we learn from the experience and move forward stronger.

But the whole time we’re paying out for the essential tools we need to grow our business.

The “learning tax”

That’s the cost of doing business, but when we’re starting out it doesn’t feel like the cost of doing business. It feels like a “learning tax”.

Because most of what we do initially is testing and learning what works. Learning who to listen to, whose approach is the best fit for our business and goals.

We spend even more time making sense of all the technical solutions that form the building blocks of an online business. For others these complex tools appear to slot together and work like magic.

When we struggle to do the same, we’re left feeling like we’re the only person doing it wrong.

Well, you’re not the only one who struggles with the tech.

And you’re not the only one nervous about the “learning tax” that can easily cost us $100s every month.

It doesn’t have to be like that though.

Shoestring Hustle makes the difference

Low cost doesn’t mean low powered

Almost anything you need to do online can be achieved using open source software.

What’s open source software?

It’s software that has been released for free by its creators. Of course it’s easy to assume that if it’s free, it isn’t any good.

Stop thinking like that right now.

WordPress is open source and can be downloaded for free. As of May 2018, WordPress was used by 30% all the active websites on the internet, including big corporate names.

Shoestring Hustle uses WordPress as the foundation of much that we teach. It will form the  basis of your online platform, adapted to fit the business you’re building.

As this site expands, however, you’ll be introduced to other tools, such as Mautic for powerful marketing automation and Jitsi for group video-conferencing. Both open source and completely free to download.

We’ve got you covered on the tech too

When you’re new to something the simplest things seem difficult.

We threw away our TV set in 2001. Now when I visit my 70+ year old mother in the UK, if I want to watch TV, I have to ask her to turn it on and find the show I want.

Why are there two remote controls and where on earth did the VHS video recorder go?

Do you think using a TV set is complicated?

No, nor do I. If I wanted to, I’d soon learn how to make sense of this ondemand programming malarkey. After using it for a few days, it would become second nature.

It’s no different for you and the online tech you need to use. In time it will become easy and you can count on Shoestring Hustle to reduce the learning curve.

Our recipes make it easy

Among the other articles in the blog, you’ll find our recipes which outline the tools and the steps for you to follow and get your own platform up and running.

Essential WordPress Setup

This recipe ensures you get your platform off to the right start with its focus on security and performance

Drop Ship T-shirt Site

This recipe explains how you can set up your own drop ship print on demand t-shirt site. You can offer a range of other products too

PLF Style Launch Funnel

You’re surely familiar with the structure of launch funnels as taught by Jeff Walker. This recipe creates a launch style funnel on WordPress

Our courses make it easier still

Create Your Own eCommerce Site

WordPress and WooCommerce offer a fantastic way to get a powerful eCommerce site online with the minimum of fuss – it’s the same system behind this site

Create a Membership Site

This unusual solution to creating a membership site is used for our own Uni and offers features not seen in many of the premium membership plugins


Create a Sales Funnel Site

Learn how you can build any type of sales funnel on a WordPress website without having to pay for a designer or developer – the included templates make this easy to implement


We know new technology can be intimidating. That’s why we try so much harder to make things as easy as possible for our students.

We built Winston to make it simple for anyone to configure WordPress to work how they need it. It comes in two parts, the questionnaire and the installer plugin.

You just have to answer a series of questions and Winston will select the plugins you need based on your answers.

Next you run the installer plugin and Winston handles most of the configuration of your site. Once complete, Winston will give you a list of steps that you need to complete manually.

In the Uni, you’ll find all you need to know about working with WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor. All of it delivered through our proprietary information platform, Ikkles.

We understand that different information should be communicated in different ways. Video is great for sharing general information on a subject, especially when the viewers can take notes.

On the other hand, research has found written text to be more effective for comprehension of difficult to understand information*.

Further, if you’ve ever tried to follow step by step instructions by video, you know how that can quickly that can start to scroll your nurd. You miss something important and rewind too far. Then you jump forward too far. Then back too far and continue seemingly ad infinitum.

Ikkles lets us provide information in the most suitable way for the subject. Video, text and slides mix to ensure you receive the information you need in the easiest possible way to consume and understand.

The Basics When You Need Them

Most of what you learn on Shoestring Hustle is built on WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor.

The Uni holds all the information you need to get up and running with all of these.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been working with these tools for years or are completely new to this platform. The Uni ensures you know how to do what you want, when you want.

You gain lifetime access to the Uni when you buy one of the qualifying training courses.

From the Blog

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Meet Your Shoestringing Host

I’m Ian Pullen and Shoestring Hustle is my baby. Over the years, without realizing it, I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge and experience on getting started online on a budget. You can read more about my story on the about page.

Through Shoestring hustle, I’m going to be sharing the secrets I’ve learned along with unique tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started, however small their budget.

For those who want to get started even quicker, I’ll be adding training courses on the key online tools you need. Of course, compared to the monthly fees of many online tools, these courses will always be affordable.

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