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The Essential Tools to Get You Started on a Budget The Essential Tools to Get You Started on a Budget According to Gallup (, there are three main barriers that stop people starting their own business.

Should I Use Double Opt-In?

If you’re wondering whether you should use double opt-in in your list building efforts, I’ll try and help you make a decision.

Double opt-in is a mechanism where after a new contact subscribes, they are sent an email to confirm their subscription. This ensures that no-one can be subscribed to a list without their knowledge.

It’s Go Time!

I was waiting at a bar once to collect a round of drinks.

Without any preamble, the stranger stood at my shoulder turned to me and said “have you farted?”

“No, I have not.”

His face was utterly incredulous as he retorted “what, NEVER?” and walked away.

I share that with you for no reason other than I was going to open with “have you ever had a great idea?” and that memory suddenly surfaced.


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