It’s Go Time!

It’s Go Time!

I was waiting at a bar once to collect a round of drinks.

Without any preamble, the stranger stood at my shoulder turned to me and said “have you farted?”

“No, I have not.”

His face was utterly incredulous as he retorted “what, NEVER?” and walked away.

I share that with you for no reason other than I was going to open with “have you ever had a great idea?” and that memory suddenly surfaced.

So, have you ever had a great idea?

I’m sure you have. Probably loads of them, but how many have you executed?

Far too many too remember?

A few, maybe?


Don’t worry, you’re in good company. We’re almost all guilty of failing to follow through on ideas.

There can be a variety of reasons, but the two I hear over and again are lack of money and lack of know how.

Ah, diddums, no money or know how?

Do you think Bill Gates and Paul Allen had billions in the bank and a full understanding of how to create the Windows operating system before they started?

Do you think Sam Walton launched Wal-Mart having secured funding for more than 6,000 stores around the world?

Do you think Lori Greiner was a serial entrepreneur when she borrowed money to prototype her first product, an earring organizer picked up by J.C. Penney.

Of course not.

Regardless of what the cost may be and what know how they didn’t already have, they all got started.

It’s easy to look at what they achieved and believe there was something different about their situation. There wasn’t though.

They simply recognized they had a choice to make. No time or go time and they all chose the latter.

Nothing is standing in your way

More clearly, doing nothing is standing in the way of you doing what you were born to do.

All I want to do is help you pack away the excuses and get going.

So if the two excuses holding you back right now are lack of money and know how, congratulate yourself for discovering Shoestring Hustle.

My mission is to share the tools you can use to build a business in the modern world without spending a fortune.

You’ll need to spend a bit, but I’m going to amaze you with just how little you need to spend to set the wheels in motion.

As I add classes to Shoestring Hustle, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to save $$s every month.

If you want it, you’ll be able to learn how to run a platform that powers a website and advanced marketing tools to match services like Click Funnels and ActiveCampaign Professional for just $5 – $10 a month.

It’s Not About Being Cheap

Let me make this clear.

Shoestring Hustle is not about trying to save money for the sake of saving money. That’s not being smart, that’s being cheap.

This is all about getting you going. It’s just coincidence that saving you money is often a key part of that.

The platform I’ll help you build and use is powerful enough that it can be central to your business long after you have the income to move to more expensive alternatives.

At that time you may choose to move platforms or hire your first employees to run your existing platform. When you get going, you’ll have the freedom to make that choice.

So what do you need for your business?

I’m always interested to hear what technical challenges are holding aspiring entrepreneurs back. If it’s stopping you, it’s probably stopping many others too.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get help.

Tell me what you need! Give me a challenge. Let me try and and find the solution for your roadblocks.

I’m waiting to hear from you and so is the contact form.

It’s go time.

I’m Ian Pullen and when not working as a dog and cat butler, I’m a designer/developer and writer who works on projects for solopreneurs, SMBs and multi-nationals like Unilever and Lenovo.
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