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The number 1 mindset that kills new businesses

The number 1 mindset that kills new businesses

I was waiting at a bar once to collect a round of drinks.

Without any preamble, the stranger stood at my shoulder turned to me and said “have you farted?”

“Absolutely not,” I replied.

His face was utterly incredulous as he retorted “what, NEVER?” and walked away.

I share that with you for no reason other than I was going to open with “have you ever had a great idea?” and that memory suddenly surfaced.

So have you ever had a great idea?

I’m sure you have. Probably loads of them, but how many have you executed?

Far too many too remember?

A few, maybe?


Don’t worry, you’re in good company. We’re almost all guilty of failing to follow through on ideas.

There can be a variety of reasons, but the two I hear over and again are lack of money and lack of knowledge.

As if Bill Gates and Paul Allen had billions in the bank and a full understanding of how to create Windows before they started.

Oh and that’s rather the key, they started. Regardless of what the cost may be and what knowledge they didn’t already have, they got started.

It’s easy to look at where they are now and believe there was something different about their situation. There wasn’t.

Simple fact is, I could have picked just about any successful entrepreneur from human history and it would have been the same story. They didn’t have huge funds or limitless knowledge, but they got started anyway.

Nothing is standing in your way

More clearly, doing nothing is standing in the way of you doing what you were born to do.

My ambition is to help you pack away the excuses and get going.

So if the two excuses holding you back right now are lack of money and knowledge, congratulations on discovering Shoestring Hustle.

My mission is to share the tools you need to build a business in the modern world without spending a fortune.

You’ll need to spend a bit, but I’m going to amaze you with just how little you need to spend to set the wheels in motion.

At launch, you can learn how to set up a Virtual Private Server for your website for just $5 a month.

Then you could set up another VPS for your new email marketing system that will let you build complex email campaigns, with unlimited contacts and send 100,000 emails a month.

An email system like that sounds expensive? It’ll cost you nothing beyond the VPS if you do it my way.

So what do you need for your business?

Go on, tell me what you need! Give me a challenge. Let me try and and find the solution for your roadblocks.

I’m waiting to hear from you. Here’s the contact form.

Ooops, almost forgot

The number one mindset that stalls established businesses?

Always trying to save money. That’s not being smart, that’s being cheap.

Shoestring Hustle isn’t about saving you money, it’s about getting you going. It’s just coincidence that saving you money is often a key part of that.

Once you are going and have income, then invest in your business. Free tools usually, though not always, require more of your time. When you have more time than money, that’s a reasonable compromise.

Don’t get trapped in that money saving mindset though. As soon as you can, look for where you can spend money in order to get tools that will free your time and make you more effective.

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