The Simple Mindshift to Help You Sell More

The Simple Mindshift to Help You Sell More

How do you feel about selling?

The answer generally depends on whether you’re a sales person or not.

Non-sales people generally hate the idea of selling. It perhaps feels a little sleazy.

It shouldn’t, but unfortunately the sales industry has filled the world with unskilled sales people trying to sell things they don’t believe in.

We’ve all encountered these sales people who have been just partially trained. They’ve been provided a little bit of knowledge and shown techniques that are meant to always make the sale. They’re then set loose, not really understanding what they’re doing or what they’ve been taught.

It’s like giving gorillas machine guns and telling them to only shoot bananas. They won’t understand. You only need to recall the tragic experiment at Hamburg Zoo in 1975 if you need convincing.

Fortunately for us, there’s one simple technique to make us more comfortable with selling.

Focus on Persuading

Forget about selling. Substitute the word persuading for selling. Concentrate on persuading people that they need your product or that they need to opt-in to get more information. If you believe in your product, this should be easy.

In fact, if you truly believe in your offer, you would be doing your visitors a disservice by not doing all you can to help them get the benefit.

That single shift should immediately help you feel more comfortable with marketing your products.

However, don’t stop there. The art of persuading isn’t an art, it’s a science.

Researchers have spent years studying the mechanisms of persuasion and it’s fascinating to read their conclusions.

If you spend just a little time understanding this subject, you’ll make yourself more persuasive in all aspects of your life.

Importantly though, you’ll start to see how to present your products or services in the most effective way.

You won’t feel like a sleazy sales person, but like an informed and effective marketer.

Try Our Quiz

Let me help you ease in to this whole new persuadery world. I’ve put together a new quiz to let you test how persuasive you are.

It’s based on 10 scientifically proven principles. The quiz is just a bit of fun, but when you finish it, make sure to download a free copy of the How good at sales persuasive are you? guide.

The guide briefly explains the science behind each psychological mechanism. Better still, it also includes suggestions on how you can use these mechanisms in your business.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become more persuasive and start selling more today.

I’m Ian Pullen and when not working as a dog and cat butler, I’m a designer/developer and writer who works on projects for solopreneurs, SMBs and multi-nationals like Unilever and Lenovo.
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