The Essential Tools to Get You Started on a Budget

The Essential Tools to Get You Started on a Budget

According to Gallup (, there are three main barriers that stop people starting their own business.

  1. Fear that they won’t achieve sufficient revenue
  2. Insufficient funds to get started
  3. Lack of support

This is where Shoestring Hustle comes in. It’s my mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs break down those barriers.

I can show you how to find powerful tools and services that are low cost and often free. This means you need less money saved to get started and you need to earn less to cover ongoing costs.

It’s also less of a gamble as you can afford to make mistakes and learn vital lessons.

When you’ve got the tools, I can also help you to get to grips with them to help you make the most of what they offer.

Tools for entrepreneurs

Down the page a bit, you will find an infographic that lists some of the tools and services that will be invaluable to any entrepreneur who’s trying to get started on a budget.

You’ll see I’ve listed some well known tools and services and then have also included low cost or free alternatives. I’ve tried to cover many of the common tasks that all entrepreneurs will need to address.

All the alternatives are powerful tools in their own right and I use many myself. However, please understand that they are not direct replacements.

In some cases they may lack features found in the original. However, in some other cases, they may offer a greater range of features

For example, I suggest Mautic as an alternative to ConvertKit. Mautic is a very powerful and full featured email marketing automation system that has features ConvertKit lacks.

You’ll see LifterLMS suggested as a free alternative to Teachable. You should note that with the free version, you will have to process payments manually. To take payments and give users access to courses automatically, you’ll need to pay for an addon. However, once you’ve sold a few courses, you can use your profits to cover this.

Get the Tools yourself

If you’d like to try out some or all of my suggestions, download the free Entrepreneurs’ Tools Roundup. It includes some brief notes and links to all the suggested tools from the infographic. The button is just below.

You can download a copy of the It’s Go Time guide to the best free and low cost tools to get your business started to learn a bit more about the tools.

Don’t miss your free copy of the

​It’s Go Time guide to the best free and low cost tools to get your business started

If you’d like a copy of the infographic below, just right-click on it and then save the image to your computer. Feel free to use it how you like and share it anywhere, but please don’t alter the image that you download. We want to be sure that any other entrepreneurs can also reach out to Shoestring Hustle and get their business started too.

I’m Ian Pullen and when not working as a dog and cat butler, I’m a designer/developer and writer who works on projects for solopreneurs, SMBs and multi-nationals like Unilever and Lenovo.
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